Legal Ways to Bet on Football in Vietnam

Asian man betting online


Online football betting is currently a form of entertainment that attracts a large number of players to participate. This is not only a form of satisfying passion but also a way for many people to get rich quickly. That is why more bettors dang nhap Kubet (log in to Kubet) to bet online.

The legal form of football betting in Vietnam today

For football fans who regularly watch top-notch matches, it is no stranger to football betting. Putting your faith in the matches is often followed by eagerness and participation in betting on matches.

The question here is whether football betting is legal or not. Currently, this is a form of business that is being legalized and initially expanding the betting limit.

According to Decree 06/2017/ND-CP on the betting business, “Betting is a prized entertainment game in which bet participants make predictions about possible outcomes in sports and entertainment events.”

However, the form of online football betting in Vietnam is under the strict management of the authorities. At the same time, participants in betting will have to be at least 21 years old and have full civil act capacity as prescribed by law.

Some forms of legal betting business in Vietnam currently include: betting on dogs, horse racing, and international football matches (there are no matches involving Vietnamese people – or participating Vietnamese football clubs). new conditions for being granted a business license.

Organizers and participants in placing bets will be required to comply with applicable laws. From there, businesses, as well as bettors, can refer and participate in their “desire” and still be legal.


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Forms of football betting are strictly prohibited

Crime using high technology

The rapidly increasing number of internet users is the factor that makes online payment activities grow stronger. High-tech criminals have taken advantage of this to carry out “money laundering” acts through online betting activities.

However, for the legal form of football betting according to current regulations in our country, it is only allowed to bet up to 1,000,000VND. So how will these subjects perform their behavior? The majority of people who participate in betting at bookmakers whose servers are located outside of Vietnam cannot accurately verify the information. Therefore, high-tech criminals have taken advantage of this vulnerability to carry out money laundering.

Websites that allow large amounts of money to be wagered

Although the law has clear regulations on betting limits, because the profits are too large, many bookmakers often go against the regulations. They often advertise as high-security, discreet and safe services for players. This will help players freely bet large amounts of money, even up to billions of dong per transaction. This is considered an act that constitutes illegal gambling. If the player is detected, it may be subject to legal prosecution.

It is recommended to participate in legal football betting at reputable bookmakers

Scams are now very common. Therefore, many players lose trust and do not know which is a reputable and reliable bookmaker.