When working on an analytic program, reports from data-driven discovery is more often than not considered as the most critical step in the entire process. Sadly, this is being misinterpreted and thus, given with less importance.

If you have interest in data-driven discovery as well as transformation, then it is vitally important not to be among the many who have failed to realize its impact and rely on premade templates on PowerPoint presentations as well as dull and boring slideshows.

Keep this in mind, it doesn’t matter how sophisticated your data is or how much information you can tell; if you fail to provide the right details at right time, then you are just wasting your and everyone else’s resources. Automatically, this is a missed opportunity.

Words Do Matter

You have to exert efforts on delivering appealing visuals but make sure there’s enough room for things you need to say. Objective here is to tell your audience a story using images. This does not indicate though that words would mean nothing.

Smarter way of pulling this off is by thinking of images where you can relate the information you want to tell.

Be the Source for Innovation

Say for example that you are reporting business analytics, then at least 50% of your audience will check them out on their mobile device. So take it as an opportunity to squeeze as much info as possible but still, makes sense. So when time comes that you have to report it, people already have an idea and will be more interested to listen to you.