There are occasions in which addiction to gambling is considered as “Hidden Illness”. It is due to the reason that there’s no obvious physical symptom or sign like in other addictions such as alcohol or drugs. What’s more, it is very common among problem gamblers to minimize or deny the actual problem to themselves.

If you are playing casino games or engaging into any form of gambling, you might not know yet whether you have such problem or not.

But try asking these things to help understand yourself better.

Urge and Secrecy to Gamble

You may be lying on how much you are gambling or play in secret thinking that others will not be able to understand you or that one day when you get home, you’ll surprise them with your big win.

Losing Control and Discipline towards Gambling

The moment that you’re engaged in gambling, do you have control to walk away from it when you want to or does it make you feel compel to gamble until you have bet up to your last money? You have a problem if you are leaning more on the latter.

Gambling to the Extremes

While you may have already spent your last money, you still think of ways on how you can get back with what you loss. Thus, you resorted to the extreme like borrowing from people, selling stuff or even stealing from someone to get money you can gamble.